Why Do We Use Sous Vide?

As caterers, we have to know how to cook food in a multitude of ways. If we were to limit ourselves, we would lose out on a ton of business. Primarily, most of our clients want their food cooked the traditional way – either by grilling or by baking.

However, there has been an influx in recent requests to have food cooked sous vide. For those that are unaware, cooking sous vide means cooking food in a vacuum sealed bag that’s submerged within a water bath. The water is heated to a temperature in the mid-100sF. Sous vide food is cooked for a variety of time, but usually no less than 1 hour.

We absolutely love cooking sous vide because it’s a primarily hands-off approach to cooking. The most laborious part of cooking sous vide is preparing the food. Preparing food for suvee cooking requires you to chop and season it, which really isn’t all that different from how a person would normally cook their food.

Our clients have really begun to appreciate the vegetables that we cook sous vide. Our sous vide machine does a wonderful job of perfectly crafting the perfect vegetables.

Most people believe that we are steaming them, which is the old fashioned way. However, by steaming your vegetables, you risk them cooking at uneven temperatures. With sous vide, there aren’t any uneven temperatures since the vegetables aren’t exposed to air. As well, the vegetables are surrounded by the heated water.

Sous vide cooking has really changed our business model. We have been getting more and more referrals because people have absolutely loved the taste of our new menu.

For a catering business, this is absolutely amazing. Generally there isn’t much fluctuation in business unless you run a huge marketing campaign. All of our growth has come as a result of sous vide cooking!

We’re rapidly looking to expand the line of food that we offer cooked sous vide. We expect that we’ll be able to increase our current selection of sous vide foods from 5 items to 15 items within the next few months.

We’ve brought on a full-time suvee chef, who has been trained in Paris on the art of sous vide. He also has worked for one of the leading sous vide machine makers and knows the ins-and-outs of the machines. This is particularly useful since even a 1 degree temperature fluctuation in sous vide cooking can make a huge difference.