Sous Vide Chicken Dinners are Amazing

Have you ever had sous vide chicken for dinner? No? Well what’s wrong with you?!? What are you waiting for?!?

Sous vide chicken always comes out so tender and juicy. It’s absolutely amazing! You know how when you grill chicken it typically comes out very dry? But you tolerate that because it supposedly burns away all of the fat.

Well, you also know how baking chicken is supposedly bad for you because all of the fat juices are left to soak into the chicken while cooking? Cooking sous vide doesn’t have that problem.

Now why is that? Because when you’re cooking sous vide, the fat juice never actually leaves the chicken meat. It stays within the chicken and the chicken meat acts kind of like an incubator. The ‘incubator’ kills all of the fat cells, but leaves the delicious juice!

It’s kind of like a more delicious form of chicken broth.

We cooked about 3 pounds of chicken cutlets in our Sous Vide Supreme machine last night. Typically we only cook around 1 – 2 pounds of chicken at a time, but this sous vide machine is so large that it can accommodate all of that extra meat.

Cooking sous vide has really enlightened us to how good food can be. I’m upset that it took us so long to find it 🙂

My husband has even been loving my cooking again. After working together in the catering industry for so long, you can grow tired of each others’ cooking.

Well, sous vide has really brought that spark back into our cooking relationship. Meals have gone from dry and dull to exciting! Cooking together is something that we now look forward to. We have to thank sous vide for that!