Misconceptions Of Others In Sous Vide Machine Cooking Style

We say our gratitude to social media and TV shows like Adventure Time for keeping our home buddy and culinary professionals updated with the latest innovations about cooking techniques as well as trusted device and machine partners for our kitchen, but as for others we have gathered and sited few misconceptions about sous vide machine and its related issues. Check it out:

Our point here is to clear myths that few people had to think about sous vide machine and to reveal nothing but the truth about the cooking techniques that dramatically yield popularity yet many needs further clarification on few issues but before that, allow us to foretell that sous vide cooking does not entirely mean to boil food in a sealed bad just as how Indian dishes are made. The whole beauty of sous vide machine cooking is to cook the meat or the food in a slow and gentle process below the boiling point. So, as for that, if you are thinking of sous vide machine as boiling the food in the sealed bag, then you are already having a misconception about how this type of cooking method is done. The Sous Vide Machine cooking is more about controlling the desired temperature that is ideal for the type of food you are cooking.

Misconception No. 1

“So you said it is cooking in the vacuum so I have to buy a sous vide vacuum sealer

No, you do not need any of vacuum sealer. That is expensive but thanks you do not have to buy that. With sous vide machine cooking, you will only need zip lock containers or bag and displace it in the water.

Misconception No. 2

“So I want to cook food in sous vide way, I need to have sous vide machine first to start with”

Yes, you may need sous vide machine if you want to but if you are not a regular cook in this way, you can try using a simple method at home with your stove, pot, thermometer, and a plastic bag. If you think you will likely to use it more often in preparing meals for the family, then you can get the sous vide machine.

Misconception No.3

“It is not safe to cook food in plastic!”

There are many famous chefs that had been cooking food in sous vide machine and every time they did, they don’t have a problem with it. In fact, it is the tidiest cooking that works even in fine dining restaurants. Think about how many people suffer from food poisoning because the meat is not properly thawed. The Sous Vide Machine had dramatically prevented that since you can submerge the meat or food into the water bath to melt the ice and start cooking just as it is fresh. Now, there is plastic container or wraps that contains risk such as the polyvinyl chloride and we do not recommend using that on sous vide machine. Trust the brand that can be put under intense heat without the possibility of leaching into the food.

Misconception No.4

“It is good for tendering the meat, I do not need that.”

For starter, it is easier to think of the sous vide machine as a meat tenderizer but with it, you can explore other yummy options. There are recipes that you can try with sous vide machine cooking such as desserts.

Misconception No.5

“My oven is more efficient than that!”

Though we acknowledge the positive contributions of our old window type oven, for the added knowledge of some, you can do more with your meat with sous vide machine.